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  • Housing

    The main function of this section is to:

    1. Formulate, implement and review all housing sector policies;
    2. Improve the living environment in slums and informal settlements through slum upgrading and prevention;
    3. Promote low cost housing development through housing  sector incentives and provision of housing infrastructure;
    4. Promote research and utilization of appropriate building materials and construction technologies;
    5. Coordinate housing and human settlements issues in the county;
    6. Manage County housing for civil servants;
    7. Lease office space and residential accommodation for government and
    1. Formulate and implement policies and legislation guiding estate management.
  • Physical Planning

    Listed below are the main functions of the section:

    1. Coordinate preparation of policy papers on planning issues;
    2. Prepare budgets and work plans for the department;
    3. Coordinate preparation of county spatial plan and other plans in the department;
    4. Prepare action plans for specific projects such as residential housing schemes, shopping centres, industrial estates & recreational facilities;
    1. Provide advice to Government and private agencies on development proposals and plans;
    1. Implement and provide feedback on Physical planning guidelines and standards;
    2. Undertake thematic studies on matters relating to Physical Planning;
    1. Manage Physical Planning data and
    1. Oversee development controls and approvals.
  • Survey

    The main function of this section is to:

    1. Coordinate preparation of cabinet papers on land surveys;
    2. Review policies on surveying, mapping, data management, and human capacity development in the department in the county;
    3. Maintenance of sub-divisional schemes and engineering surveys;
    4. Monitoring and evaluation on survey and mapping activities within the county;
    1. Development, implementation and realization of the departments’ strategic plans and objectives in the county;
    1. To implement the departments’ performance appraisal system and contracts;
    2. Overall management and development of staff welfare and their technical requirements in the county;
    3. Responding to court summons and implement court orders;
    1. Provide technical advice to land registrar in solving boundary disputes and
    2. Maintaining of Registration maps.
  • Land administration

    The following are the functions of Lands section:

    1. Registration of land for rating (Opening of files);
    2. Issuance of consent to Charge;
    3. Issuance of consent to Transfer;
    4. Amendments of plot files (Changing of names);
    5. Land dispute resolution;
    6. Preparation of leases and title deeds for county allocated land and centre plots;
    7. Liaise with National Land Commission and County Land Management Board;
    8. Documentation and securing of public utility land;
    9. Liaise with valuation section in the valuation for rating and preparation for valuation rolls and
    10. Liaise with rates section on collection of land rates.
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