Parental Guidance is key in every child’s development

Parental Guidance is key in every child’s development

The Chief Officer incharge of Education, Mrs.Jane Njuguna together with the Social Services Director Mr.Meshack Chemwor visited the Eldoret Remand home on Monday morning to see off nine children who are set to be re-unified with their parents and guardians.

A total of ten children are set to leave the remand home and while nine are to be re- integrated back to the society, one will be taken to a rehabilitation center in Nairobi following a court order.

The Children who are in the remand home are there due to different reasons and are from different Counties in the Country.

The County Social Service workers are set to take the children back to their homes, asses the situation there and counsel their parents to embrace the children back and to commit to take good care of them.

According to the CO, the rise in the number of children under the age of 18 in the remand homes is as a result of laxity among parents.

“Parental guidance is key in every child’s development and all parents and guardians should take up their role and bring them up in the rightfull ways.” Said Jane.

The Chief Officer also added that the children should be engaged in activities to curb idling since it may further prompt them to join bad company.

According to Maurice Okiru who serves as the Homes’ Manager, they are glad that the County Government has been on the forefront to provide sponsorship alongside other partners.

The home is the only one that serves Northrift Region. The Manager called upon the County to continue offering sponsorships since the facility is overstretched and needs significant improvements.

According to the Director incharge of Social services Mr.Meshack Chemwor, the section is mandated to provide psycho-social support to vulnerable groups such as children.

“The Section has been sponsoring children rescued from the streets with no homes in partnership with Eldoret Rescue Centre at Kamukunji and is very concerned with the increase in the number of children as a result of parental negligence.” Said Chemwor.

Moreover, the section through the Director calls upon all the stakeholders to support sensitization and awareness creation on the Constitutional rights of children.

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