Market Stalls Allocation

Market Stalls Allocation

The Department of Trade and Industrialization with other County officials on Tuesday held a meeting with hawkers at the County Hall to discuss on avenues that will realize a good working relationship.

Speaking during the meeting Ag. Chief Officer Trade and Industrialization, Kipleting Mengich hinted that the wholesale market is at its final stages of renovation and the need to bring traders on board was important.

“It’s important for us to clear the rumours going around that we have already allocated the stalls at the wholesale market. The Department is working hard to get rid of market cartels and ensure equal distribution of market space,’ said Mengich.

Mengich said procedures are already set to aid in the space allocation to ensure all traders are catered for in the most transparent way for a peaceful working environment.

He further said that the County is working on the best ways to help see the traders pay their arrears without difficulties.

On his part, the Deputy County Commissioner Mohammed Mwabudzo advised traders to share information with the security officials on illegal businesses in the market such as bhang, illicit brew among others as it derails their operations.

“We are asking you to share information on any unlawful activities like selling of the stalls that we will make sure that those involved are apprehended and face the full force of the law,” added Mohammed.

“Whenever you are caught on the wrong side of the law by the enforcement officers and your goods confiscated, kindly come and pay the fines not to incur losses as most of them may be perishables”, advised Paul Rutto who is the County security advisor.

Mr. Mwaura, one of the hawkers present thanked the County government for taking the big step of involving all the stakeholders to allow them to make the right decision through dialogue on the issue of stalls allocation.

Present was Administration Ag. Chief Officer Wilson Sawe, Deputy AP Commander Timothy Kiptum among other County trade officers.


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