Chief Officer for Devolution and Administration, Mark Some on Thursday held an interactive meeting with a team from Public Works.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss crucial matters pertaining to Ward and Sub-county offices that have been constructed and those at the finishing stages.

Mr. Some addressed one of the key concerns during the meeting is the progress of the Turbo Sub-County Office, which is at 90% completion.

Mr. Some emphasized the need of maintaining high-quality workmanship while ensuring value for money in the ongoing construction project.

Recognizing the significance of delivering top-notch infrastructure, the Public Works team made a firm commitment to upholding the standards of quality work for Turbo Sub-County Ward Office.

During the meeting, the Chief Officer Mr. Some provided valuable advisory input and challenged the team to address any existing issues regarding substandard works before making any payments to the contractor.

This proactive approach highlights the County’s commitment to accountability and ensuring that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely,” added Some.

To gain a firsthand understanding of the project’s progress, the teams proceeded on a site visit to the Turbo Sub-County Ward Office. This on-site inspection allowed them to assess the construction’s quality and address any concerns in real time.

The collaborative efforts between the Chief Officer for Devolution and Administration, Mark Some, and the team from Public Works demonstrate the County’s dedication to providing efficient and effective services to its residents.

By closely monitoring and actively participating in such projects, the County aims to ensure the successful completion of infrastructure developments that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

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