In order to ensure transparency and accountability in all County operations to increase performance and public confidence, The Department of Public Service Management on Thursday conducted an induction program for its newly appointed attachees, focusing on effective communication and professionalism. The Directors for Communication and Branding Ms. Faith Seroney, and Human Resource Management Mr. Josphat Rotich, played pivotal roles in delivering valuable insights to the attachees.

Seroney emphasized the significance of effective communication since it can help build and maintain positive relationships with stakeholders, while unprofessional communication can damage the brand’s reputation and credibility.

She further stressed the importance of representing a government brand professionally and effectively, using appropriate channels of communication, and being respectful in all interactions, whether with colleagues, stakeholders, or members of the public.

Director Human Resource Mr.Josphat Rotich highlighted the principles of exceptional customer service, emphasizing the importance of timely responses, accurate information, and maintaining a professional appearance.

The induction program aimed to equip the attachees with the necessary skills to excel in their roles, representing Uasin Gishu County and delivering top-notch service to its residents.

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