Chief Officer for the Department of Devolution and Administration, Mark Some, chaired a meeting with Ward Administrators to strengthen collaboration and coordination among various departments.

The meeting revolved around issues, including the integration and synergy, implementation of the Nguzo Kumi agendas and the role of the department as the face and centre of the government functions.
The Nguzo kumi Agenda, uplifting Uasin Gishu County, and the significance of mutual support and effective communication and efficient service delivery is key,” said Some.

The administrators, while welcoming the Chief Officer, expressed their gratitude for Governor Jonathan Bii’s leadership and vision.
They recognized the pivotal role the department plays in advancing the government’s agenda and acknowledged the need for synergy with other departments to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness.
Furthermore, Mr Some emphasized that the department serves as the government’s face and the central hub for various initiatives.
He stressed that the department’s role is crucial in ensuring seamless coordination between different governmental entities, enabling efficient policy implementation, and providing essential services to Uasin Gishu residents.

The department’s commitment to these responsibilities is paramount to building a strong and prosperous Uasin Gishu County.
As part of Uasin Gishu County’s Nguzo kumi Agenda, these pillars encompass critical areas such as education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, and youth empowerment.”

“By working collaboratively, the Department of Devolution and Administration can contribute significantly to the overall development of the county, elevating it to new heights of progress and prosperity,” said Some.
He further reiterated the importance of teamwork, highlighting that individual success relies on collective effort.

By fostering an environment of mutual support and cooperation, the department can overcome challenges, maximize its potential, and achieve remarkable results in service to the citizens of Uasin Gishu County,” Some add.

Additionally, Some emphasized the need for effective communication within the department. By doing so, the department can address issues proactively, swiftly implement solutions, and ensure seamless operations.

Moreover, Chief Officer Some highlighted the essential role of Ward Administrators in assisting operations when the uasin Gishu School Milk Program. The plan looks to improve nutrition for school children. Administrators play a key role in the roll-out.

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