The County Government of Uasin Gishu is in the process of developing a policy that if approved by the County Assembly will provide a framework for the registration of community and self-help groups, cultural practitioners, CBOs and artists.

County Executive Member Committee for Education, Gender, and Social protection Dr. Janeth Kosgei says the policy will enable them to raise more resources through the registration of the groups.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing policy development meeting, the CECM said currently, no law provides guidelines on the registration of the CBOs and self-help groups among others.

“We expect that once the policy framework is adopted, we will come up with a bill that will mandate us to register the groups,” said the CECM.

Currently, registration is being done by the department of social services – in the National Government.

The process of developing the policy framework has brought together officials from the County Executive and members of two Uasin Gishu County Assembly Committees – Heritage and Culture as well as Social Protection and Gender.

Further, the county is also working on reviewing a 2017 policy on disability and a draft on persons with a disability fund.

“We want to do an amendment and we expect after the policy is passed, we will have a bill that will enable the county to set aside funds to help the vulnerable in society.

Governor’s Economic Advisor Phillip Melly says the amendments are aimed at aligning the groups in the Nguzo Kumi development blueprint.

“The County is in the process of putting in place policies to support social protection. All this is to ensure we align gender, children and elderly issues with the development plan of Uasin Gishu under Nguzo Kumi,” Melly said.

“These will enable all those categories of people to be realized in social economic inclusion – this means nobody will be left out,” he added.

Chief Officer for Gender, Social Protection and Culture Eunice Suter and Director for Culture Mohamed Dakane were in attendance.

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