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Office of Information and public communication otherwise known as Governors Press service is a crucial office in The Governor’s office/Deputy Governor’s office; GPS handles all the Governors Communication and acts as the gate keeper of all the Government information. GPS office links the Government policies with the local and international media.

The office supports activities at the County Secretary office, Chief of Staff and The Governor’s advisory. The execution of their duties is handled by individuals with rich backgrounds in the field of journalism.

 Due to the sensitivity of their duties, the officers are supposed to practice a high level of professionalism, integrity, and accountability. The officers hired to this office MUST be able to make fast decision, work with minimal supervision, long hours and be ready to travel with short notice.

GPS under its gate keeping function, analyses all the County Communications for the purpose of harmonization and synchronization of Government functions.   


Governor’s press Directorate

 The Director Governor’s Press Service is a senior County official whose primary responsibility is to act as spokesman for the County government administration with regard to and in consultation with The Governor, County Secretary, Chief of staff, senior executives, and the County Communications. This also includes analyzing and advising on what to be said, written on senior County executive speeches where to be said and how to be said.

GPS Director also provides leadership to the unit, coordinates its activities by harmonizing the team’s operations and coming up with strategies and roadmap to be followed by the entire team. The director also acts as the link between the team and the executive by communicating Government policies to the GPS staff.

The Press Director is responsible for collecting information about actions and events within the Governor’s administration and issues the administrative reactions to developments around the County and the region. The Governor’s Press interacts with the media, and deals with any emerging issue within the County communication on daily basis, generally in a regular press briefing.

The Press Director serves by the appointment of and at the pleasure of the Governor; because of the frequent briefings given to the media, who in turn inform the public, the position is very prominent but non-Cabinet.

Governor’s Press Service Staff.

For efficiency at the GPS office, a highly motivated group of professionals has been put in place. The staff members are experienced Journalists who understands media operations, use of media equipment and politics of the day. They staff include;

  • Cameramen – these are 2 individuals who understand how to operate both Video and still cameras, edit, write articles, upload to social media platform/website and be well updated with the current technology.
  • Social media/web administrator – This is an individual who is well vast with ICT dynamics able to create website, monitor other media, create and administer social media accounts, do web related research and assist other staff members on ICT related problems.

Reporter/writer – This is an experienced writer who has very good command of English and Kiswahili languages. He is creative journalistic writer or author with history of the same.



GPS is equipped with latest gadgets that have a capacity and compatibility with the leading media houses equipment worldwide. This is because GPS productions MUST conform to media standards hence accepted and used by any media house anytime. They are;

  • Cameras Video and still
  • Computers desktops and laptops
  • Recorders
  • Writing materials
  • Reliable internet connection in and out of office
  • UPS
  • Consistence means of transport.
  • Reliable phones/ I pads
  • PA Systems
  • Governors podium
  • Latest editing software
  • Data Centre/backup
  • Constant airtime/data bundles



Governor’s Press must cover all the Governor’s functions, be the custodian of all the equipment,  write speeches, prepare press statements for the Governor, go through media reports, prepare responses to media reports, organize press conferences, prepare media documentaries, analyze County adverts and share material to the media and ensure maximum coverage.



GPS is the public relation wing of the Governor’s office, where the current administration must utilize to ensure that Governor’s image is maintained. The office highlights the positive things that the Governor has/is doing.

With a very active GPS a Governor can be able to deliver to the electorates what he promised during his election campaigns. This is by constantly monitoring and reporting progress of the development agendas in the manifesto and in line with the county emerging needs.

There is no doubt that documenting activities and constantly updating members of public through mass media, makes a whole difference in perception, satisfaction and justification of good political leadership.

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