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Eng. Nelson K Maritim

Eng. Nelson K Maritim

CEC Member for Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development
Kenneth Mbeka

Kenneth Mbeka

Chief Officer Physical Planning and Urban Development
  • Housing

    The main function of this section is to:

    1. Formulate, implement and review all housing sector policies;
    2. Improve the living environment in slums and informal settlements through slum upgrading and prevention;
    3. Promote low cost housing development through housing  sector incentives and provision of housing infrastructure;
    4. Promote research and utilization of appropriate building materials and construction technologies;
    5. Coordinate housing and human settlements issues in the county;
    6. Manage County housing for civil servants;
    7. Lease office space and residential accommodation for government and
    1. Formulate and implement policies and legislation guiding estate management.
  • Physical Planning

    Listed below are the main functions of the section:

    1. Coordinate preparation of policy papers on planning issues;
    2. Prepare budgets and work plans for the department;
    3. Coordinate preparation of county spatial plan and other plans in the department;
    4. Prepare action plans for specific projects such as residential housing schemes, shopping centres, industrial estates & recreational facilities;
    1. Provide advice to Government and private agencies on development proposals and plans;
    1. Implement and provide feedback on Physical planning guidelines and standards;
    2. Undertake thematic studies on matters relating to Physical Planning;
    1. Manage Physical Planning data and
    1. Oversee development controls and approvals.
  • Survey

    The main function of this section is to:

    1. Coordinate preparation of cabinet papers on land surveys;
    2. Review policies on surveying, mapping, data management, and human capacity development in the department in the county;
    3. Maintenance of sub-divisional schemes and engineering surveys;
    4. Monitoring and evaluation on survey and mapping activities within the county;
    1. Development, implementation and realization of the departments’ strategic plans and objectives in the county;
    1. To implement the departments’ performance appraisal system and contracts;
    2. Overall management and development of staff welfare and their technical requirements in the county;
    3. Responding to court summons and implement court orders;
    1. Provide technical advice to land registrar in solving boundary disputes and
    2. Maintaining of Registration maps.
  • Land administration

    The following are the functions of Lands section:

    1. Registration of land for rating (Opening of files);
    2. Issuance of consent to Charge;
    3. Issuance of consent to Transfer;
    4. Amendments of plot files (Changing of names);
    5. Land dispute resolution;
    6. Preparation of leases and title deeds for county allocated land and centre plots;
    7. Liaise with National Land Commission and County Land Management Board;
    8. Documentation and securing of public utility land;
    9. Liaise with valuation section in the valuation for rating and preparation for valuation rolls and
    10. Liaise with rates section on collection of land rates.
No.Activity / Project NameObjectiveEstimated Cost (Kshs.)Output IndicatorTarget
For the year
( 2017 / 2018)
Achievements for the year ( 2017/ 2018 )Remarks/ Comments
1.Valuation Roll for Eldoret Municipality To update the current valuation roll26,032,952Increase the revenue collected on ratable propertiesTo completionPrepared a draft valuation reportWorks ongoing
2.Proposal for Valuation Roll Burnt Forest TownshipTo come up with a valuation roll6,300,000Increase the revenue collected on ratable propertiesTo completionPrepared a draft valuation reportWorks ongoing
3.Valuation Roll for Turbo TownIncrease the revenue collected on ratable properties5,206,590Increase the revenue collected on ratable propertiesTo completionSite handed over to the contractorWorks ongoing
4.Land BankingTo secure land parcels for public purpose11,533,672Secured land whose security of tenure is with County GovernmentTo completionNegotiations undertaken and land transferred to County Government2.104Ha of land purchased
5.Cadastral survey mapping of 3 planned trading centres & 3 Public Utility plots in Eldoret MunicipalityTo demarcate boundaries for the various parcels (Centres: Ngarua, Kaptooley, Karandili)552,276Survey plans

To completionSite handed over to the contractor98% completed Compilation of cadastral files done

During the last four years, the County Government has worked hard to reclaim grabbed public land and revert it to its intended use. On  housing it’s important that government through public private partnerships makes  accessible  and  affordable  housing  for  the  different  categories  people in both urban and rural areas.


  1. Developed physical planning regulations to guide development of the entire county.
  2. Developed a physical plan for Eldoret town and 6 other urban centres to ensure orderly development and provide opportunities for investments.
  3. Acquired land for public use to ensure services are provided in unreached areas
  4. Recovered grabbed parcels of land in Eldoret town and other parts of the county
  5. Secured public land through acquisition of title deeds and
  6. Purchased land survey equipment to improve land services
  7. Facilitated title deeds to unregistered pieces of land
  8. Renovated government houses to improve their stature and enhance their value
  9. Prepared a renewal and redevelopment plan for Eldoret town government houses
  10. Developed a county spatial plan which is a land use blue print for a whole county providing framework for guided development for next 10 years
  11. Streamlined land transactions and eliminated brokers at the central registry
THE CHIEF OFFICER Department OF LANDS, HOUSING & PHYSICAL PLANNING, P.O.Box 40-30100, Eldoret,Kenya, Tel; 020-2329037/+254-053-2016330/+254-053-2032603/+254-053-2062208, Email: [advanced_iframe securitykey=”80537bbdb83983135b91d5bdcd454cdfd64682f8″ src=”” width=”100%” height=”600″]
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