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Kenneth Mbeka

Kenneth Mbeka

Ag. Chief Officer Health Services
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    The department is committed to providing equitable, affordable and quality health care through appropriate policies and programmes, it has a total of 117 health services.

1Ziwa Level V Hospital210,000,000.00NILProject awarded
Site handed over to contractor
Level 2%
2Kesses Sub County Model Hospital60,000,000.00NILPHASE 1 complete
Drawings / BQs for Mortuary, Incinerator, Modern Kitchen and Laundry in process at the Department of Public Works.
Other Drawings and BQs are ready.
Project to be advertised in the week beginning 3rd February 2020.
3Moiben Sub County Hospital40, 000, 000.00 (transferred to Ziwa project)NILAwaiting court verdict before advertisement is done
Level (0%)
4Construction of Reference Laboratory, Huruma Sub County Hospital19,999,000.005, 262, 920.00Structure works done upto roofing
Plastering done
Fitting done
Plumbing works ongoing
Payment Certificate raised and paid
Level 90% Complete
570 Bed West Maternity Hospital43,381,946.007, 409, 345.00 (payment in process)Superstructure complete to roofing level
Plastering done
Window fitting done
Level 75% complete
640 Bed Kapteldon Maternity Hospital21,000,000.007, 627, 210.00 Ring beam constructed
Roofing works complete
Plastering complete
Level 80% complete
7Completion of Cheptiret Dispensary5,000,000.00NILRetendering in process
Level 15% complete
8Completion of Gitwe Dispensary5,000,000.00NILProject awarded
Level 15% complete
9Completion of Kamalel Dispensary11,000,000.005, 420, 295.00Burning chamber done
Biodigester provided
Placenta pit provided
Plumbing works done
Painting complete
Project handed over on 3rd February 2020
Handing over certificate to be signed
10Renovation of Theatre (Turbo Sub-county Hospital)3, 000, 000.002, 063, 913.00Renovation complete at the Theatre.
Temporary roofing above the Theatre ongoing.
Level 95% complete
11Ward health facilities84,100,000.00NIL74 ward health facilities allocated
Both extension and completion of ongoing projects
The Department is looking for ways of fast-tracking commencement of the projects due to challenges of the development of BQs by Public Works Department, and approval of Project budgets submitted by the facilities.

Health Services

Title Version Description Size Hits Date added Download
WHO Norms and Standards Book 1.49 mb 174 27-11-2018 Download Preview
User Guide to Discipline Process in Public Health Sector 1.18 mb 128 27-11-2018 Download Preview
User Guide on Employee Relations for the Health Sector in Kenya 756.84 kb 118 27-11-2018 Download Preview
SHW Operational Manual 564.08 kb 130 27-11-2018 Download Preview
MOH Training Procedure Manual 2.57 mb 308 27-11-2018 Download Preview
MOH Training Policy document 2.29 mb 460 27-11-2018 Download Preview
IHRIS and Records Management user guide 1.08 mb 107 27-11-2018 Download Preview
MOH Task Sharing Policy Guidelines 2017 2.32 mb 168 27-11-2018 Download Preview
HRM Mentorship User Guide and Tools 947.44 kb 159 27-11-2018 Download Preview
HRH Advisories Transition of VCTs 427.95 kb 75 27-11-2018 Download Preview
Health Sector HR Strategy 2014-2018 8.53 mb 209 27-11-2018 Download Preview
Donor Supported Health Workers Contracting Guidelines 5.30 mb 224 27-11-2018 Download Preview
Digitization and access of erecords using iHRIS 5.38 mb 120 27-11-2018 Download Preview
Devolved HRH Guidelines for the Health Sector 813.87 kb 162 27-11-2018 Download Preview
Basic Curriculum HRM Capacity Strengthening 1.17 mb 113 27-11-2018 Download Preview
Advanced Curriculum for strengthening County HRM for the Health Sector 3.41 mb 92 27-11-2018 Download Preview
Kenya-Mental-Health-Policy 420.78 kb 130 26-03-2018 Download Preview
Kenya National E-Health policy 1.06 mb 268 26-03-2018 Download Preview
national policy on prevention and containment of antimicrobial resistance 825.51 kb 198 26-03-2018 Download Preview
Violence-and-Injury-Prevention-Action-Plan-Final 487.67 kb 552 26-03-2018 Download Preview
Kenya-National-Policy-Injection-Safety-and-Medical-Waste-policy 536.37 kb 419 26-03-2018 Download Preview

The Constitution bestows upon the people the right to live in a healthy environment, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to receive quality medical  care,  and  to  attain  the  highest  possible  standard  of  physical  and  mental health. A healthy population is vital to our county’s competitiveness and productivity. Investment in the provision of quality health services is critical for our economic development. The County Government is committed to further strengthening of the healthcare systems in the County.


  1. Upgraded four health facilities in sub counties to Level 4 hospital status.
  2. Developed 26 new dispensaries across the County
  3. Rehabilitated and equipped 18 health centres
  4. Acquired 13 new ambulances
  5. Established and equipped the Huruma Eye Hospital to address the increasing demand for specialized ophthalmic services
  6. Employed over 400 health workers of various cadres
  7. Increased access to skilled deliveries from 45% before devolution to 65% in 2017
  8. Facilitated the installation of 5 dialysis machines at Ziwa Sub County Hospital
  9. Implemented Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) in Level 4 and 3, which has enhanced efficiency in service delivery and streamlined management of drugs and other medical commodities.
  10. Increased the rate of immunization coverage in the county from as low as 60% in 2013 to the current 87% in 2017
  11. Constructed, equipped and staffed 47 Medical laboratories
THE CHIEF OFFICER Department of Health Services, P.O.Box 40-30100, Eldoret,Kenya, Tel; TEL: 020-2329037 +254-053-2016330 +254-053-2032603 +254-053-2062208, Email:
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