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Julius K. Rutto

Julius K. Rutto

CEC Member for Finance and Economic Planning
  • Finance

    Finance department is mandated to manage and control expenditure, collect and manage local revenue, keeping county assets, asset register and undertaking statutory reporting. Audit is an independent unit administratively reporting to finance and functionally to audit committee. Huge strides have been achieved by the department over the past four years through conducting revenue awareness events aimed at improving revenue performance by sensitizing residents on their revenue obligations. With the launch of the Automated revenue system(UG pay), Uasin Gishu County has experienced an effective revenue collection system due to less cash handling by the staff. The clients pay their revenues directly to the bank thus expanding revenue base and eliminating revenue collection leakages. Remarkably,Uasin Gishu county does not carry over pending bills since all service providers and employees are paid in time. Uasin Gishu County prides itself of having set aside 30% tenders under preference and reservation scheme for youth, women and People Living with Disabilities (PLWD). The county has given several tenders to youth, women and PLWDs that include beautification of the county, supply of tree seedlings, pipe laying, bush clearing and drainages, construction of ward play grounds, cleaning services, supply of food stuff for hospitals, construction of milk coolers in every sub-county, general supplies, renovation of ICT centres, printing of county magazines, garbage and toilet management among others.

  • Economic Planning

    The department of Economic Planning is responsible for county policy formulation, county planning, county budget formulation; and monitoring  and evaluation of county programmes and projects. The department prepares County Annual estimates and any supplementary estimates which are approved and implemented as per the provisions in the budgeted items. Statutory reports are submitted on timely basis to the relevant offices like controller of budget,CRA as per the provisions in the PFM act 2012 In the last four years, the county has deployed resources to numerous programmes and projects aimed at improving socio-economic status of Uasin Gishu residents, ensured prudent use of county resources by keeping up to date asset register and paid service providers and employees in time. The average absorption rate has been improving over the years and in the last financial year 2015/16 it was 76% in development. During monitoring and evaluation, findings and observations noted by the department in the process of conducting the exercise include: improved accessibility of road network and linkage; increased enrollment in ECDE centres across the County because of the ECDE infrastructure development programme, improved security (as a result of street lighting and bridges), increased access to quality health care services due to upgrading of existing health facilities and construction of new ones; clean and safe water now accessible to more households and supplied to public institutions; wholesale and retail trade promoted through construction of markets and lastly incidences of tick-borne diseases in livestock reduced significantly as a result of rehabilitation of existing cattle dips and construction of new ones.

Finance and Economic Planning is mandated to facilitate and coordinate revenue collection, budgeting and economic planning and to provide leadership in the implementation of procurement and accounting policies, procedures and regulations. The department’s functions are:

  1. Leadership in coordination of County development planning and budgeting processes
  2. Management and administration and of County revenue collection
  3. Management and administration of County Public Fund Accounts
  4. Internal and external resource mobilisation
  5. Coordination and preparation of planning components i.e. Annual Development Plans (ADPs), Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and County Fiscal Strategic Paper (CFSP)
  6. Implementation and adherence to common accounting procedures and other internal control systems that guide, facilitate and enhance payment and surrenders
  7. Coordination of County Government finance and economic policy management
  8. Monitoring and Evaluation of impact, economic trends and policy reviews
  9. Ensure adherence to procurement procedures, guidelines and regulations
  10. Leadership in the County Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) processes, consolidation of quarterly and annual performance progress reports (financial and non-financial)
  11. Partner, investor and donor engagement on matters related to finance and economic planning

Finance, Economic & Planning

Title Version Description Size Hits Date added Download
UGC ADP 2017-18 682.18 kb 196 13-11-2017 Download Preview
UG PBB 2017-18 701.18 kb 34 13-11-2017 Download Preview
SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURE BY VOTE & PROGRAMMES 2017-18 62.55 kb 58 13-11-2017 Download Preview
SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURE BY VOTE & CATEGORY 2017-18 30.08 kb 30 13-11-2017 Download Preview
SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURE BY PROGRAMMES - F 2017-18 79.28 kb 27 13-11-2017 Download Preview
SUMMARY BY VOTE AND ECONOMIC CLASSIFICATION - G 2017-18 49.24 kb 56 13-11-2017 Download Preview
SECTOR WORKING GROUP REPORT 2017-18 706.47 kb 53 13-11-2017 Download Preview
revenue. report 2017-18 analysis by head 779.92 kb 60 13-11-2017 Download Preview
revenue. report 2017-18 1.90 mb 64 13-11-2017 Download Preview
Request for Upload 2017-18 2.81 mb 61 13-11-2017 Download Preview
REPORT ON PUBLIC PARTIPATION FOR BUDGET ESTIMATES 2017-18 FY 381.88 kb 88 13-11-2017 Download Preview
RECURRENT FORM B SUBITEM 2017-18 279.80 kb 28 13-11-2017 Download Preview
Monitering and Evaluation Report 2016-17 14.50 mb 132 18-09-2017 Download Preview
HEADS VS PROGRAMME MAPPING (RECURRENT) 2017-18 40.32 kb 27 13-11-2017 Download Preview
FORM C SUMMARY OF DEVELOPMENT 2017-18 60.73 kb 66 13-11-2017 Download Preview
FORM B SUBITEM DEVELOPMENT 2017-18 106.13 kb 66 13-11-2017 Download Preview
FORM A SUMMARY OF RECURRENT 201-18 59.94 kb 28 13-11-2017 Download Preview
FINANCE AND ECONOMIC PLANNING SERVICE CHARTER 173.84 kb 86 04-09-2017 Download Preview
DEVELOPMENT SUB CHAPTER ANALYSIS DETAILED (MTEF) 2017-18 58.76 kb 60 13-11-2017 Download Preview
CBROP 2017 FINAL 361.23 kb 82 13-11-2017 Download Preview
C-FSP 2017 FINAL DRAFT 12.13.16 919.55 kb 29 13-11-2017 Download Preview
BUDGET REPORT-2017-18 CA 724.45 kb 36 13-11-2017 Download Preview
Budget 2017-18 - PBB Approved 525.37 kb 39 13-11-2017 Download Preview
BUDGET 2017 - Hansard Report 486.90 kb 82 13-11-2017 Download Preview
BUDGET 2017 - FINALApproval By CA 488.23 kb 30 13-11-2017 Download Preview


  1. Developed budgeting instruments
  2. Developed the Finance Act and Appropriation Act
  3. Developed statistical sector plans, County Indicator Handbook
  4. Annual monitoring and evaluation reports, progress reports, financial statements for the County
  5. Development M&E Policy Document
The Chief Officer

Department Of Finance  and Economic Planning P.O.Box 40-30100, Eldoret,Kenya, Tel; 053 2016000/ 2016603, Email:

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