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Esther C. Mutai

Esther C. Mutai

CEC Member for Member for Cooperatives and Enterprise Development

Cooperative Development

Enterprise Development

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No.Outcome/OutputPerformance IndicatorsPlanned TargetsAchieved TargetsPlanned CostActual Cost (Kshs)Remarks
1Programme Name: Co-operative Development
1.1Enlightened co-operative members and leadersCo-operative Day celebrations held111,000,000620,000The celebrations were held in July as planned and about 1,000 participants attended.
No. Member Education Programs held4051NilNilThe target was surpassed largely due to increased no. of cooperatives
No. of Committee member education programs2033NilNilThe costs for the trainings done were met by the individual co-operatives.
No. of Bench marking tours and visits693,000,0002,608,300Three bench marking tours were made to Murang’a County, Meru County and Kampala, Uganda and others were made locally. Also includes visits made by other counties
1.2Sensitization meetingsNo. of meetings held10342,000,0002,795,440These included meetings to sensitize the co-operative leaders on operations of the three co-operative unions established for value addition.
Seminars and workshops for committee members6123,200,0003,132,400450 co-operative leaders from 90 marketing co-operatives were trained on governance.
Pre co-operative meetings30120NilNilTarget was surpassed due to increased interest in co-operatives
1.3Compliance with co-operative legislation enhancedNo. of Annual
General Meetings
held in
compliance with
co-operative legislation
100120NilNilAll the audited societies held their AGMs and complied with co-operative legislation

No. of Special
general meetings
6065NilNilSGMs are mostly held to approve budgets for the ensuing financial year.
No. First
General Meetings
3053NilNilMore co-operatives were registered because of a rigorous sensitization meetings carried out the previous year
No. of Co-operative
Leaders Meetings
412NilNilThe target was surpassed largely due to mobilizing co-operative leaders to form three unions
No. of
management committee
meetings held
5065NilNilThe target was surpassed largely due to increased no. of cooperatives
No. of Conflict
meetings held
The target was surpassed largely due to increased no. of cooperatives that are still in the forming stage
1.4Co-operatives revived and strengthenedNo. of co-operatives revived68NilNilThe target was surpassed largely due to hope of value addition created through the Moisoy FCU milling plant under construction
1.5Increased no. of co-operatives by No. of new
3053200,000248,000The target was surpassed because more co-operatives were registered as a result of the rigorous sensitization meetings carried out the previous year
registration of new onesregisteredwere registered as a result of the rigorous sensitization meetings carried out the previous year
Programme Name: Co-operative Audit
1.6Co-operative societies AuditAudits carried out1301092,000,0001,206,800The target was not achieved due to delayed funding.
Raising and collection of Audit feesAudit fees
raised and
1,700,4001,983,100NilNilThe target was surpassed.
Co-operative Societies inspectionsInspections
carried out
1 Inspection2 InspectionNilNil
Program Name: Enterprise Development
1.7Funded Cooperative Societies Amount of loans disbursed
to cooperatives
Kshs 260,000,000 to be disbursedKshs. 242,000,000 disbursed to cooperatives2,600,000242,000,000Disbursement On-going
Good repayment RateAmount of loans repaidKshs. 36,000,000Kshs. 29,300,000500,000450,000Efforts are being stepped up to improve repayment.
Improved governance among funded Cooperative societiesNumber
Cooperative Societies trained
814200,0001,960,000Cooperative societies funded in 2017/2018 FY were successfully trained

The department endeavoured to achieve its key objectives which were aimed at the overall goal of strengthening the co-operative movement.


  1. To promote and strengthen the cooperative movement during the period under review, a total of 53 new co-operative societies were registered bringing the total registered co-operatives to 679 compared to 626 the previous year. Six dormant co-operatives were revived bringing the total revived to 47. On capacity building 450 co-operative leaders from 90 marketing co-operatives were trained on corporate governance while the training programmes for Saccos were done on a continuous basis which has resulted in improvement of governance in the said co-operatives.

2. In promotion of value addition through co-operatives, three farmers’      co-operatives were registered covering two sub counties each. The one for Moiben and Soy is in the process of establishing a milling plant to solve the maize marketing problem and construction has already started.  The greatest impact of this is the coming on board of the Matatu and small traders (hawkers)Saccos, who have mobilized savings in tremendous speed as they save on daily and weekly basis respectively. The sector hosted the International Cooperative Day where cooperative movement performance was reviewed and best performing societies rewarded. The department had planned to refurbish the County Cooperative Office with a budget of Kshs. 1,584,596 but this was not done due to delays occasioned by moving to new premises and IFMIS system challenges thus the amount was rolled over.

2. The audit directorate audited a total of 109 co-operatives up from 100 further improving governance and accountability as evidenced by increase in the number of active cooperative societies and collected revenue amounting to Kshs. 1,983,100.   To ensure compliance with co-operative legislation, 120 annual general meetings were held where the audited accounts were presented to the members to review the performance of their organizations, maximum borrowing powers fixed and elections conducted. Several Special general meetings were held where budgets were approved and management committee meetings held in line with laid down procedures.

3. During the period under review the County Enterprise Development Fund disbursed a total of Kshs. 242,000,000.00 to 67 cooperative societies and recovered a total of Kshs. 29,300,148.00. This has enhanced capitalization in the cooperative societies, improved business operations and accelerated growth. Capacity building of 44 funded cooperative societies was carried out and this greatly improved the utilization of the funds.   The rate of repayments has greatly improved.

Co-operatives and Enterprise Development,
P.O.Box 40-30100, Eldoret,Kenya,

Physical Location:Kapsoya.

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