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Esther C. Mutai

Esther C. Mutai

CEC Member for Member for Cooperatives and Enterprise Development


Formulates and oversees implementation of County domestic policies for Industry, Weights & Measures and Betting Control.

– provides advice on development and implementation of an effective programs for application and transfer of appropriate technologies to facilitate the growth, development and graduation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises into the cooperative societies.

enforces compliance with cooperative legislation for all cooperative movements in the County and revival of defunct and formation of new cooperatives. It also ensures compliance with the Cooperatives Societies Act for the overall management of the cooperative activities.

Tourism and wildlife management

Implements County and National Tourism Policies and Programs by liaising with The Kenya Wildlife Service, Conservation Agencies and Organizations and the County Government and promotes conservation through community engagement. This position is responsible for the overall management of matters related to marketing, planning, and regulation of the tourism industry in the County.

One of the key priority areas in this sector is the regular mutual interaction and engagement with the business community which enhances an enabling environment possible for public and private sector to grow and thrive. In addition, the department is focused in promoting tourism and the conservation of wildlife.

The County Government’s concerted efforts to develop a conducive environment for investment through automation of services and enhancement of security within urban centers placed Uasin Gishu as the most favorable investment destination as per the World Bank report released in September 2016. .


  1. Facilitated the enactment of the Licensing Act, Trade and Markets Act and the -Inua Biashara Act
  2. Disbursed over KSh. 127 million in loans through the County Enterprise Development fund that have benefited 57 cooperative societies at a low interest rate of 5.8%
  3. Built the capacities of 34 cooperative societies
  4. Constructed 8 new markets and rehabilitated 18 more across the county
  5. Registered 139 new cooperative societies
  6. Developed a High-Altitude Training Centre at Chagaiya
  7. Trained 3,600 traders and 2,000 youth on entrepreneurship
  8. Constructed 300 modern kiosks
  9. Mapped out all tourist attractions across the county that have the potential for development. These include Koromosho Falls, Kesses Dam and Kapsiliot Hills, among others. Undertaken intensive marketing of the county as the ideal tourist destination in various platforms both locally and internationally
  10. Developed tourism products
  11. Built partnerships with key industry players such as the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), KTF, Hoteliers, Tour Operators and Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS).
Department of Trade, Industrialization, Co-operative Development,
Tourism & Wildlife Management,
P.O.Box 40-30100, Eldoret,Kenya,
Tel; 053 2016000/ 2016603,
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