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Samuel K. Yego

Samuel K. Yego

CEC Member for Agriculture, Livestock Development & Fisheries

Victoria Tarus

Victoria Tarus

Chief Officer Livestock Development & Fisheries

Agriculture,Fisheries and Livestock

The Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries comprises of four directorates and two Institutions namely:

  • Agriculture / Crop Sector

    The Livestock Production function involves the effective management of the basic natural resources in the high and low rainfall areas in the dairy, beef, poultry, sheep & goats, wool, honey, bee wax and emerging livestock enterprises facilitated through an appropriate policy and legal framework. Further, it entails the management and preservation of livestock species for the production of high quality products; the provision of an efficient and elaborate marketing network to cater for the diversity of livestock and livestock products, both for the domestic and export market; the processing and handling of high quality feeds; the co-ordination, overseeing and promotion of value addition of livestock products; and technology development and dissemination involving collaborative efforts of research institution, training institutions and other key stakeholders.

  • Veterinary Services Sector

    The department is mandated to control and prevent livestock disease and pests in the county. This is to ensure livestock population that is healthy and of high production and create wealth for the farmers in the county and improve the county’s economy.

  • Livestock production

    The mandate of the department of livestock is “to promote, regulate and facilitate livestock production for socio-economic development and industrialization” while its vision is “to be the global leader in facilitating efficient delivery of services for a sustainable and prosperous livestock sector”. The mission is “To create a favorable policy and legal framework for the sustainable development of the livestock industry; and to provide support services that increase productivity, value addition and market access for the sub- sector products”.

  • Fisheries Directorates

    The mandate of the fisheries sub-sector is to facilitate the exploration, exploitation,utilization, management, development and conservation of fisheries resources. The role of the Uasin Gishu Fisheries Office is to facilitate the development of vibrant aquaculture enterprises in the County. The office is also responsible for quality and safety of fish and fish products, licensing of fish traders and promotion of sustainable management and utilization of the fisheries resources. However, it does not have a Fish Inspector to ensure the safety and quality of fish and fish products. The Inspector will inspect handling premises, surveillance and enforcement of the rules dealing with production, processing and trade.

  • Chebororwa Agricultural Training Centre

    Chebororwa Agricultural training Centre was established in late 1957 as a livestock holding ground. It was later changed to livestock improvement Center by Veterinary Department, before being upgraded to a Farmers Training Centre and later to an Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) in 2003. The largest part of the land is rocky and mountainous limiting its use for agricultural activities.

  • Agricultural Mechanization Station

    Agricultural Mechanization Station

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Agriculture remains the backbone of the County’s economy. In rural areas, agriculture is the source of livelihood for the majority of the people.  In the last four and a half years, the County Government prioritized agriculture as a vital component of economic growth. The County Government will continue to invest in initiatives in agriculture that seek to enhance access to quality inputs and extension services, reduce post-harvest losses and promote value addition.

  1. Subsidized the price of ordinary semen from a high of KSh. 1,500 to KSh. 700, and sexed semen from KSh. 6,000 to 2,500.
  2. Facilitated construction of housing for 46 milk coolers across the county
  3. Empowered youth through the Kijana na Acre initiative where over 205 youth groups have benefited
  4. Provided subsidized maize seed
  5. Distributed 218,000 chicks to 1,150 women groups in the county under the Inua Mama na Kuku initiative
  6. Purchased 3 feed mixers to support dairy farming
  7. Renovated four farmers’ cereal stores located at Tuiyo, Sosiani, Kaptuli & Merewet
  8. 477 cattle dips renovated and 35 new ones constructed
  9. 456 dips supported with seed acaricides to subsidise the cost for farmers
  10. 1,000 macadamia and 25,000 coffee seedlings distributed to farmers to diversify on cash crop production in the county
  11. 4,000 avocado seedlings distributed to farmers
  12. 4,000 banana tissue culture distributed to farmers
  13. Constructed a multipurpose hall at Chebororwa ATC 90% completion
  14. Constructed a fish hatchery in partnership with the University of Eldoret where 500,000 fingerlings have been produced and distributed to fish farmers
  15. Established 30 demonstration plots to support farmers
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