The County Government of Uasin Gishu could soon be Kenya’s first devolved unit to establish and mandate corporations to do business and raise revenue for the local government.
After streamlining and stretching revenue dragnet as per the constitution, the County is also gearing towards establishing corporations that will add money into the collection basket.
Speaking as he hosted the new County Public Service Board (CPSB), Governor Mandago EGH, said the county needs legal guidelines on how it can harness resources to widen revenue collection.
“We have several county parastatals but for them to be fully functional and efficient in generating revenue is by giving them legal frameworks to dispense their mandates as semi-autonomous entities,” said Mandago.
The parastatals) should be guided by legal frameworks so they can work semi-autonomously because part of their mandates is generating revenue for the county government.”
But to widen the revenue base, Mandago proposed the establishment of two more corporations, one of the County Housing Corporation which will be aligned to the national government’s Housing agenda.
The other one, says Mandago, will ensure that the road and water equipment are managed and used optimally for the County to get the value for the money and at the same time offering services to the public.
The County has modern road machinery and water works equipment. If we can legally establish Mechanical and Transport Corporation, the County can generate money as the machines work.”
The County has Agriculture Machinery Services (AMS), Agriculture Training College (ATC) in Chebororwa and Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company (Eldowas) company as some of the existing corporations.
Deputy Governor Daniel Chemno supported the Governor’s ideas, saying the Constitution of Kenya 2010 empowers counties with the mandates to generate revenue.
The Board said they will pick up from where the pioneering team left, with the chair Mrs. Francisa Boen, saying they will ensure that they always uphold the ethics of public service.
Ms. Boen is deputized by Mr. Paul Lagat. The secretary is Mr. William Koech. Robert Tatache, Elseba Maseh, Robert Kosilbet and Lilliam Kimulany are the members.
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