Admins trained on budget participation

Admins trained on budget participation

County Administrators play a pivotal role in the government’s implementation of projects and processes with the constitution empowering public participation.

Speaking during an administrators’ training on Budget Participation, CECM for Finance CPA Julius Ruto said: “The current constitution empowers public participation as a crucial undertaking that informs government projects.”

As government officers at the grassroots, the communication and wishes of the public are first channelled through your (admins) offices,” the minister adds.

CPA Ruto also furthers. “If there are projects that need attention, it is your duty to escalate and advise relevant offices as we collectively work to ensure services reach the mwananchis on the ground.”

Cooperatives Executive Mrs. Esther Mutai said the County Government has cooperatives movement as one of the key tools of development.

She said administrators play crucial roles of sensitizing constituents on the need to join cooperatives and the benefits that come along with membership.

Farmers have had issues with fertilizers and markets for cereals and cooperatives come in to give them alternatives that they can purchase manure direct to their stores and keep their produce in stores as they await better prices.”

“At the moment, value addition is what we are focusing for cooperatives. We would like to mill our own maize so we can absorb produce and get farmers out of problems like low prices and delayed payments.”

Chief Officers CPA Millicent Okonjo (Economic Planning), Wilson Sawe (Ag. Administration) were also in the training.

A specialist from World Bank undertook the training that brought together sub-county and ward administrators.

The training comes before the launch of County Projects Committee, which also works to empower public participation on decisions and priorities of projects to be implemented.

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