Roads, Transport & Public Works

Eng. Gideon Birir - County Executive Committee Member for Roads, Transport and PUblic Works
Eng. Gideon Birir – County Executive Committee Member for Roads, Transport and Public Works
Patrick Kipkorir Mutai - Chief Officer Roads, Transport and Public Works.
Mr. Patrick Kipkorir Mutai – Chief Officer Roads, Transport and Public Works.

Department of Roads, Transport and Public Works is vested with the responsibility of providing holistic and integrated transport system as well as operating and maintaining an efficient, safe and cost effective transport system. It is in charge of opening up new roads, maintaining the existing ones and tarmacking of all the roads devolved to the County.

In addition the department is responsible for the establishment of policies on development and management of government buildings.

The departments also handle disaster responses through the fire section.

Good road network boosts business in Uasin- Gishu County

The County Government of Uasin Gishu banks on better roads as a force to speed up development in all sectors.

Good infrastructure is a prerequisite for sustained economic transformation. For this reason, the county government has prioritized on expansion of road networks to reduce cost of doing business and link farmers to markets. 

The department of roads, Transport and Public works has so far undertaken serious capacity building by procuring roads construction equipment worth over 600Million and hiring personnel to manage and supervise the works. 

This has enabled a total of 3000 Km of grading to be done, Over 900 Km of roads graveled and over 150 Km of new roads opened. In rural areas 15 major bridges and box culverts at a cost of KSh. 182.2 million have been constructed which are at various levels of implementation.  

“The people of Uasin Gishu have attested to this by appreciating the improved road network in the county which has even opened areas which were not accessible before”notes Eng Gideon Birir.

These bridges, which have been completed are; Megun-Songoliet in Megun ward; with an aim of opening up access to Moi University and Ongata Megun Health centre, Kaptoro Bridge connecting Kipkenyo and Kapsaos wards , Lower Sosiani Bridge in Kamagut ward,St Georges-St James Bridge in Kapseret ward, Kaaboi Bridge connecting Kiplombe and Soy wards, Kapnyangi Bridge connecting Kuinet/Kapsuswa and Sergoit wards, Soy-Kipsomba Bridge connecting Soy and Kipsomba wards and Oldonyo Lessos Bridge connecting Huruma and Kipkenyo wards and Kaptait-Mogoiywet Box Culvert in Soy ward. 

In an effort to address the traffic challenges, the Roads department has embarked on a serious management of traffic flow in Eldoret town by opening up new roads such as Kipchoge-Dola- Moi Girls by-pass, Lands-KEMSA –Iten road, Construction of 64, Kago and Muliro Streets to bitumen standards and rehabilitation of Kimathi Street at a cost of 176.3M.

In a move to reduce traffic congestion in Eldoret town, the County has developed foot paths along Eldoret-Iten road and Kisumu Road to Langas, widening of Kiplombe-Soy Road, re-carpeting of Fims Road and the construction of the bridge across River Sosiani to link Fims Road to Panvila-Pioneer Health Centre

This is the only County where people can walk on foot paths freely without the disturbance of vehicles” H.E Hon. Mandago said.

The county is now boasting of improved roads network having graded and graveled roads across all the wards. New roads that were impassable have also been opened to improve roads network and connectivity. 

Several other infrastructure development projects such as street lighting, construction and rehabilitation of bridges, drainage cleaning, among others, have been implemented.

“We acknowledge the fact that without security business cannot thrive. We are grateful to the county for the safe environment we are working in especially now that we can do 24hour economy, thanks to the installed street lights which is a boost to our business.” Noted Oscar Lagat the Executive Director, Super Squad Solutions Company.

Currently, the department is carrying out gravelling of roads in 10 wards namely; Meibeki Karuna, Sergoit, Tembelio, Kapsoya, Cheptiret, Ngeria, Tapsagoi, Tulwet-Chuiyat, Huruma, Kiplombe, Kuinet- Kapsuswa and Ainabkoi.