Lands , Housing & Physical Planning

Robert Ng’esirei,

CEC Member, Lands, Housing & Physical Planning.

Eng. Nelson Maritim Chief Officer Lands,Housing and Physical Planning

Eng. Nelson Maritim,

Chief Officer,

Lands, Housing & Physical Planning.

This department is responsible for the following functions:-

  • Urban development at the County level;

  • Prepare and maintain plans of property boundaries in support of land registration;

  • Execution of all cadastral surveys;

  • Preparation and maintenance of Registry Index maps and deed plans;

  • Examination, approval and authentication of all cadastral surveys;

  • Provision of base maps for utility management and other developments;

  • Sale of maps and plans;

  • Thematic mapping;

  • Provision of geospatial information products;

  • Carry out hydrographic surveys for inland lakes and rivers;

  • Carry out tidal observations;

  • Basic calibration and maintenance;

  • Preliminary quality control and assurance of Geographical data generated by other organizations;

  • Technical advisory services on Estate Management to County Government agencies;

  • Implementation of social and physical infrastructure policies and strategies for slum upgrading;

  • County housing surveys and statistics;

  • Office accommodation for County Government functions;

  • Housing for disciplined forces and constitutional offices;

  • Oversee implementation of Maintenance Policy;

  • Planning and development of Housing Infrastructure Projects;

  • Capacity building for communities on Appropriate Building Materials and Technologies;

  • Identification, implementation and management of projects in slums and information settlements to improve living standards;

  • Conducting research on housing and human settlements;

  • Preparation of County budgets and profiles as per the Transition of Devolved Government Act for 2011;

Housing Development

  • Overseeing the implementation of the National Building Regulations;

  • Implementation of real estate management policies and strategies;

  • Developing housing units for sale and low cost rental houses for County public servants; and

  • Maintenance of inventory of County Government houses and buildings.